Leah Francis: Topless Archive - All Of Her Sexy Strip Pictures And Videos!

Leah Francis: Topless Archive - All Of Her Sexy Strip Pictures And Videos!

Leah Francis
Hometown: Southampton
Bra size: 34GG
ZOO Covers: 11 (as of issue 500)
Twitter: @leahfrancisBOOB

You love Leah Francis. We love Leah Francis. We’re all agreed there, aren’t we? So what better way to celebrate the big-boobed blonde beauty than with her very own ZOO cover girl profile?

Arguably Southampton’s sauciest ever model, Leah Francis first landed on ZOO’s pages in December 2010 when she teamed up with none other than Alice Goodwin in our incredible Winter Warmers shoot. Even if you imagined sipping on a hot chocolate while sitting on a boiling hot radiator, you won’t even come close to the heat generated from that red-hot shoot.

But we think you officially went Leah Francis nuts when she talked us through a woman’s body in her June 2011 sex guide. Naturally, she was pretty much naked when she told us about the importance of lightly tickling her nipples to get her properly in the mood (this is where you should be taking notes).

Page 3 glamour models have magnificent boobs – everybody knows that. Which is why it was such a joy when Leah Francis upped her peachy 32E boobs to a massive 34GG in August 2011. Proof that you can improve on perfection after all! She reckons her new big boobs are her “own personal cannonballs” and could have your eye out if you’re not careful. You have been warned.

This topless archive is rammed with all the videos and pictures from her ZOO shoots in one massive gallery. So there’s no need to worry about flicking between our plentiful free galleries – everything Leah Francis is right on this very page. As always, all the hot pics and video are freeones so get stuck in.

Drop a comment below to let us know how much you love the sexy Southampton babe and we’ll even have our very own Leah Francis forum. Smashing.


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leah francis

Leah Francis: Laid Bare! Her nudest, rudest ZOO pictures ever!

Oh really. Do tell us more...
I love a see-through body stocking. They're a bit of filth really, aren't they? They squish all your sexy bits together, but then – as they have cut outs – they also have your most intimate parts on show, too.

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