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Hometown: Wakefield
Bra size: 34EE (formerly 34B)
ZOO covers: 5
Twitter: @chanellejhayes

Chanelle Hayes is pretty damn popular with you lot, and it doesn't take a smart arse to see why. The Yorkshire beauty shot to fame after starring in Big Brother 8 in 2007.

Although she walked from the famous house on Day 62, that hasn't stopped her being one of your all-time favourite ZOO covergirls - even if she did strike up a short fling with that knob Ziggy Lichman after they both left the house.

She's also done plenty of other things to keep herself busy in the past few years. She released a single called I Want It - which hit the charts in 2008 - and has appeared on loads of TV shows about a wide variety of different topics (NOT just Big Brother).

Still, her finest video apperances come later on in this archive. Chanelle also became pregnant and gave birth to her baby in 2010, announcing the news via her popular Twitter account.

Her 2011 has been hugely successful, too. She showed off her new 34EE boobs in an exclusive ZOO shoot, and finally went topless in the mag later in the year.

She's now the owner of Love Cake Love Me, "the best cake and cupcake specialist in Yorkshire". Tasty.

But she's still best known as one of the girls you most go nuts over, which is why this very page should be bookmarked instantly...

Video cameras rank among the greatest inventions of modern times, up there with the internet and shoe horns (we've saved ourselves from many scraped fingers thanks to the latter).

These videos allow us to show you just how hot our girls look on their ZOO shoots, and Yorkshire lovely Chanelle is no exception.

Check out Ms Hayes showing off her new boobs and getting topless for the very first time in her ZOO videos!


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Chanelle Hayes: behind the scenes of her TV's Bustiest Babes shoot!

chanelle hayes, mag plug

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