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Hometown: Brighton
Bra size: 32F
ZOO covers:
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Jodie Gasson is everything you could possibly want from a woman. She describes herself as being "small, cute, cuddly, funny," and owns "a massive pair of boobs!" A sense of humour? Check. Huge boobs? Big time. Yep, Jodie Gasson may just be the perfect woman. Oh, and she even holds the Guinness World Record for putting on and removing the most amount of bras in one minute. Rapid.

The Sussex-born lovely has appeared on three ZOO covers, including one alongside Sam Bowden - which featured pictures of the booby duo having fun on their naughty holiday. She's appeared on the cover playing topless tennis with Amy Green and messing around with Keith Lemon and Gracie Lewis in aid of Comic Relief.



Why do you enjoy shooting for ZOO?

The shoots are always a lot of fun, compared to other lads mags. They aren't all about pouting and looking sexy, but having a laugh too. I think it's something the readers love and can relate to.

What have been the highlights of your career?
Doing the Comic Relief cover shoot with Keith Lemon was definitely a highlight in my career - he was so much fun and such a nice guy! Also, any time I get to travel with my work is amazing. There's nothing nicer than getting paid to shoot in the lovely sun. 

Why do you enjoy being a glamour model?
It's a fun job, simple as that. I do feel very lucky to be doing a job I love and have so much fun with - I just hope it lasts a little while longer! 

What where your favourite shoots?
All of them... it's too hard to choose favourites! Although I do love location shoots, they're just a bit more exciting, so probably the recent beach shoot with Sam Bowden and topless tennis with Amy Green. 

Which models have you most enjoyed shooting with?
I loved shooting with the gorgeous Madison Welch. She was just a lot of fun and one of the nicest glamour girls I've met. That was my first ever ZOO shoot! Also, I recently got to work with the lovely Sam Bowden, she's been a favourite of mine for some time and has the most amazing boobs.

Do you have a message for the ZOO readers?
Keep reading ZOO! It's the best magazine with the best and boobiest girls.

Her Skydive:
"If I could do it topless I would, but health and safety said no."
"They need to get some fitter people involved – that would keep everyone watching!"
"I don’t have an ideal man, but I love geeks. No, really! I’m attracted to boys who make me laugh and can take the mickey out of themselves."
Chatting her up:
"Just come up to me and make me laugh. You don’t even have to tell me your name. Tell me a joke or say something funny."
"Be gentle, don’t go straight in for the kill, give your girl lots of attention and caress her. Don’t just go for the boobs and ignore everywhere else."
"I'm small, cute, cuddly, funny. And I’ve got a massive pair of boobs!"

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Brighton’s Jodie Gasson is a woman of action. Whether it's sky diving for charity, playing tennis with Amy Green, breaking world records for removing her bra or hanging out with comedian Keith Lemon for Comic Relief, she’s done the lot.

Luckily enough we’ve been there to take pictures of Jodie and her wonderful 32Fs doing all these things. And even when we haven’t been around when she feels like a cheeky topless strip, she’s even been kind enough to take some herself. How thoughtful.

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