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Peta Todd's Hot Sexy Topless Profile!
Hometown: Newham, London
Date of Birth: 8 December, 1986
Bra size: 32G
ZOO Covers: 3?
Twitter: @petatodd
Facebook: Peta Todd

Page 3 legend Peta Todd basically wrote the rule book on how to be a glamour model, and she is unsurprisingly flawless as a result. The London-born lovely - voted The Sun's fourth-best Page 3 girl of all time - is also a charitable soul, raising more than £4,000 for Help For Heroes. She's even been their official pin-up girl! What a babe, eh?

She's appeared on politics show Newsnight to argue the, quite frankly, obvious merits of 40 years of Page 3 - something we're right behind of along with Peta! Proof - as if it was even needed - that seriously hot girls with cracking 32G boobs have brains too!

Peta is also known for being British World Championship cycling champion Mark Cavendish's girlfriend. She's naturally a keen support of sporting hero Cav, and there are plenty of photos of her supporting Mark in his races. Peta Todd also became pregnant in 2011 with Mark Cavendish's baby.

We're such huge fans of Peta Todd here at ZOO Magazine, we created this topless archive to bring you all of her strip pictures and topless videos in one sexy gallery. There's 42 images - taken from all her sexy galleries - and two videos. So if you've ever lied awake at night thinking, "I wonder where I can watch all of Peta Todd's sexy photoshoots?" - just like we have - your mind can now be put to rest.

OK, so she might have two guys' names (Peta is pronounced like Peter), but don't let that fool you - because Peta Todd is 100% women and 110% fine. Yeah, that's right, we went there. We've actually moved the goalposts and gone beyond 100%!

In fact, it's because we're so sure of our calculations that we collected all the pictures and movies from her ZOO shoots over the years and put them into one breathtaking gallery. Now, why don't you take a look for yourselves, do the maths, and then try telling us we're wrong?

We like the idea of having a Peta Todd forum as well, so use the Facebook comments below and share your thoughts of the stunning ZOO legend!

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Peta Todd's Final Topless Shoot!


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Peta Todd's Final Topless Shoot!


What happened?

By the time I’d got topless and into the water, the shark was nowhere to be seen. He obviously thought, “I’m having none of this. I won’t get any royalties and my mum will be ashamed.” We ended up on the beach with a load of inflatable sharks, which is obviously the next best thing.

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