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Our girl Hannah tells us about her new female fan base and having sex on screen as she strips off!
hannah elizabeth
She's off the island - and straight into ZOO! See Jess' incredible pictures and very rude video...
jess hayes, jessica hayes, topless, love island
Our very own Rae of sunshine talks perfect dates, Will Ferrell and skinny-dipping!
See what the Love Island girls got up to during their cover shoot in 18 sexy snaps and three raunchy videos!
jess hayes, hannah elizabeth
Watch the brunette and blonde Love Island stunners peel off during this week's unmissable cover shoot!
hannah elizabeth, jess hayes
After dominating the #ZOOTwitties hashtag, Jay Gray stars her incredible first-ever shoot with ZOO!
jay gray
From Hollyoaks to Emmerdale, ZOO girl to fitness fanatic, Gemma's bikini body is utterly mind-blowing!
Head this way to get a little taster of Rae's jaw-dropping return, including four very sexy videos...
Nicole's been flaunting her bikini body in Mykonos, so here's her sexiest-ever music videos and performances!
She's been papped on a beach in Greece wearing near nothing... Casey's one of our most raunchy covergirls!
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