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The world’s sexiest horse ride on her return to ZOO, picking a winner - and how to pull at the races!
You voted, we listened. Rita Ora is this year's Hot 101 winner - and here's why we stand by your votes...
Rosie and Lissy's Wimbledon-themed strip shoot is downright smashing. Game, set, match... and boobs!
From #ZOOTwitties to the mag, see what happened during Jay's debut in front of our cameras!
jay gray
The ever-gorgeous Ellis makes a grand ZOO entrance with her busty strip and topless debut!
Want to see a taster of the celebrities, supermodels and singers in this year's Hot 101? Step inside...
Which ZOO covergirls, models and newbies have made it into the Hot 101? We tease a few, right here...
Ibiza’s hottest resident Daisy Watts celebrate summer’s most spectacular hotties in style!
Watch this preview of this year's Hot 101 countdown in see if you can spot your favourite!
hot 101
The one and only Melissa Debling returns with an amazing new shoot and two very rude videos!
melissa debling
ZOODENTS - Student Dating the way it should be, from ZOO Magazine ZOO model warning - only trust in ZOO

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