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We're back with more of the UK's top new talent for you to measure up and mark out of ten. Is ZOO's next big cover star among? One way to find out...
wannabe models
Haven’t decided what to give up for lent yet? Well our real girl pageant rolls on so that’s one less vice-kicking problem to worry about.
Real Girl
You voted, now she strips! Men, meet 32B Dani Galpin and her pair of perfectly perky pointers. Take a look inside at the saucy snaps!
More real girls flaunt it for your votes. But do any of this week's batch of local lovelies deserve that naughty ZOO shoot? You decide!
First Timers
Roll up for your tasty twenty of top local totty. But are any of them better than March's hottest so far? Judge for yourself.
First Timer
March's scouting mission to find the planet's fittest real girls got off to a fierce start. Can week two's newbies top it? Only one way to find out...
First Timers
Fancy some fresh girl-on-girl competition? Course you do. Get rating and keep the babe wheel turning. Also, find out who topped February’s real girl poll…
real girl
Just one more batch of real girls are left to battle it out before we crown February's finest. But is the ZOO shoot winner in this little lot? You decide.
First Timers
Meet Amy Allen – the half-pint Potteries hottie who’s happy wearing heels and a smile. Click to see the sexy minx pose for our cameras, minus the heels!
Amy Allen
The real girl express rolls into town with a carriage full of girls all awaiting your approval. Rate them now and see who topped last week's lorry load...
Real girls
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