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July's final installment of beauties bring you 10 of the best! All you have to do is rate each one out of 10 and see if we can find ourselves a ZOO star...
Behind Closed Doors
We take another look Behind Closed Doors to see this week's 10 British babes who like stripping off - and want to do it official-style in ZOO!
Hot Real Girl
The promotions girl from the West Midlands is our Behind Closed Doors winner, and gets rewarded by being allowed to pose naked for you. Lucky girl!
Our search for the Real Girl talent of tomorrow continues, as 10 more hotties show off their raunchiest poses hoping to bag a shoot in ZOO!
Behind Closed Doors
We're off to a flyer already in July - but can one of the 10 girls Behind Closed Doors this week beat our July leader's score to win a ZOO photoshoot?
Behind Closed Doors
June's battle is over, July's is just begun. Pick a girl to appear in the pages of ZOO mag during July, and kick-start a possible glamour model's career!
Behind Closed Doors
We take you through the keyhole of some of the hottest Real Girls up and down the country. Whose bedroom are we in this week? Click to find out...
Real Girls
You voted for her... so here she is... April's Real Girls winner Amber Dixon gets up close and personal with the ZOO cameras at your request...
Ten more amazing Real Girls have stormed ZOO Towers armed with photos of themselves not wearing much. They want you to rate them out of 10!
Behind Closed Doors
We're back with another selection of 10 knee-tremblingly fit Real Girls for you to rate. One girl will have a shoot in ZOO mag this June - you decide!
Behind Closed Doors
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