Real Girls Round 63: The Girls Have Stripped Off To Be Voted The Hottest!

As we're on Round 62 of our Real Girls competition, you should know the drill by now. If you don't, it's devilishly simple.

Over on our Real Girls site (which is crammed full of salty potatoes), after hours of deliberation and hard study, we pick three of the hottest, nakedest, sauciest real girls, and put them head-to-head.

Then we stick them in this gallery here, and you have a look at the three of them, and weigh them up on various points; photography skills, personality, posture...or just the one with the nicest boobs.

Give each one a rating out of ten and that's it! This time next week, we'll pick the winner, make a note, and put them in the draw for the hottest real girl...EVEEEERRRRRR!!!

In the meantime, have a look at previous winners, so you know what standard they have to match up to...

real girls winner raelouRound 62 Winner!
Raelou's fondness for not wearing any clothes and sitting on leather chairs did it for you (we're guessing it was the nakedness not the leather chair). She finished on top with a marvellous 8.6 rating
- See Raelou's Real Girls profile and gallery!

real girls winnerRound 61 Winner!
Last week Jacey Rachel Lavetti trounced the oppopsition. The 19-year-old from blonde London used her weapons of mass distraction to catapault her to the top of the pile in week 61.
- See Jacey Rachel Lavetti Real Girls profile and gallery!

 Round 60 Winner!
Anna Terry's lack of a top, and extremely long legs went down a treat as you gave her a winning vote of 8.6 to beat the opposition by a (very lovely) chest. Check out her lovely long pins and beautiful boobs. 
- See Tezza2012's Real Girls profile and gallery!


If you ever saw our Real Girl Of The Year 2010 competition, you should have a rough idea of how it all works by now. If not, here’s our handy three-point guide on how you can vote and get your favourite in front of ZOO’s cameras!

1) Go and buy each new issue to check out the new girls.
2) Inspect them thoroughly and then head here to vote for your favourite.
3) The girl with the highest rating each week will then be put forward for one of our monthly ZOO shoots! 

Lovely ladies of ZOO World, it's not too late to get involved. Simply head over to our Real Girls site, sign up and get uploading your pictures and videos. We're looking forward to seeing your sexy entries (no dirty jokes, please).

So what are you waiting for? Get rating those pictures!

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Real Girls Round 63: The Girls Have Stripped Off To Be Voted The Hottest
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