Who Has Britain's Best Boobs? Vote For Your Favourite Now!

Who has Britain's best boobs?
ZOO cares. We care about crisis in the coalition. We care about environmental change. We care about always ensuring there's Mars ice creams in the freezer.

But most of all, we care about two distinct things: you lot and boobs.

And we've decided to fuse those last two, just like David Brent fused Flashdance with MC Hammer sh*t.

We want YOU to tell us who has Britain's best boobs. Whose rack are you most enamoured with? Which magnificent pair of jubblies makes you go, "Well, that's proof that Britain is BRILLIANT."

Will it be Melissa Debling's 30F pearlers? Leah Francis' 34GGs? Kelly Brook's mind-boggingly stupendous rack? Holly Willoughby's heaving bosoms (ie the best things on daytime TV)? Your best mate's girlfriend? You can literally vote for ANY lady you like - just so long as she's British.

And think on this. There are approximately 30.5million British women, so - unless our B at intermediate difficulty Maths at GCSE is very much undeserved - that means there's about 61million British boobs you can choose from. Simply click the link below and let us know the owner of your No1 Brit rack. Easy, no?


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