Brooklyn Decker Talks Battleship And Looks Hot In Our Sexy Picture Gallery!

Everyone knows that if you're going to make a sci-fi film that’s full of action and adventure, you have to cast a hot woman as a main role. And luckily for us all, Battleship director Peter Berg thinks no different.

Welcome American beauty Brooklyn Decker, as she talks of battling aliens and out-of-space romance in this years hit movie Battleship.

Can you give a quick overview of your character, Sam?
She is the Admiral’s daughter and she is a bit of a rebel, like Hopper, who is Taylor Kitsch’s character. They are these soul mates and she grows into herself and finds strength and helps the Navy to fight this extra-terrestrial entity that we have in the film. We have a war going on with aliens and we have a lot of action so the human moments in the script are very important.

There is a little bit of a love story there and although Sam and Hopper are separated throughout most of the movie, they are in communication with one another constantly, talking on the phone, trying to communicate on the radios and basically trying to help one another. Sam is trying to help Hopper when he is at sea and vice versa when Sam is on land.

The role must be quite physical when you’re battling aliens on land?
It has been very physical. Aside from acting we have done a lot of car stunts and a lot of shooting guns and that is the most fun part for me but also the most exhausting. Another difficult thing is Sam, my character, deals with love; the father-daughter relationship that we explore a little, these moments of sheer terror and fear when she stumbles on people who have been killed.

It is the first time Sam has encountered this kind of thing so she deals with a lot of different emotions, which was difficult but then again really fun to explore.

Did you get to shoot many weapons?
Yes. I did. It was in a parking lot and I shot 40 rounds with an automatic weapon. They weren’t live rounds, don’t worry, they were blanks! We went to a parking lot, they told me to stick this thing under my shoulder, hold it firm and to fire.

It was one of the most fun days on set and oddly enough I guess I had this inner rage that I never knew about but I felt very comfortable shooting machine guns! It is really fun because you get these opportunities in movies that you would never get otherwise.

Battleship is out on Blu-ray™ with UltraViolet™, DVD and digital download from 20 August!

Words: Joe Struggles

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Battleship Star Brooklyn Decker!

Battleship Star Brooklyn Decker!

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