Emma Frain And Caitlin Wynters Go Wild In Wet T-Shirts!

The whole wet T-shirt phenomenon is a bit of a mystery to some people. How, they ask, can a woman wearing a soggy cotton top really look sexier than one wearing absolutely nothing?

Well, we’d like all those doubters to take a look at Caitlin Wynters and Emma Frain getting drenched – and then deny the humble wet T-shirt really is, quite simply, awesome. Particularly during a sodden “summer” where water has not exactly been in short supply.

If this doesn’t prove that getting your clothes soaked can be a good thing, nothing will…

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Emma Frain & Caitlin Wynters' Sexy Topless Wet T-Shirt Pictures & Videos Gallery!

Emma Frain & Caitlin Wynters' Sexy Wet T-Shirts!

“Wet T-shirt pics are my favourite, and not only because they leave a little to the imagination. It’s because when nipples are wet they pop out more – and that’s a sexy look!

I’ve posed for pictures in the shower, in a pool and in a bath, but the real fun begins when you do it in public. Let’s just say that if you leave your bikini top at the hotel when you’re on holiday and go into the sea with a small vest on, you get a lot of boys vying for your attention!”

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