Luisana Lopilato Strips Off In Her Amazing New Ultimo Lingerie Video!

We've never cared much for underwear.

This is usually for two simple reasons. Either:-

  1. We're ignoring our own because we've worn them three days on the spin (in various normal/inside out states to mix it up a bit) and they're starting to smell. Or...
  2. We just can't wait for the girls on our shoots to whip their underkecks off and get topless (we're sure you agree with us on this one).

But Luisana Lopilato is making us think very strongly otherwise. The Argentine model is the "face and body" of Ultimo's underwear, and it's clear to see why with this incredible strip video. The underwear is apparently very supportive, but not as supportive as we are of Luisana.

You saw her incredible booby bra pictures last month and now Mrs Michael Bublé is looking even better on video.

It's official: lingerie adverts are now the best commercials around. Far, far better than a human-sized bee having a beer outside a church we saw once on Tarrant On TV.

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