Seren Gibson Is Back And Looking Stunning In Hadouken's New Video!

Remember Hadouken? The punky electronic five-piece were everywhere when their debut album Music For The Jilted Generation landed in 2008. But following their low-key second album, they're shrugging off being pigeon-holed with their third album, which is also on a new label - Ministry Of Sound.

The big wigs behind the band have made an excellent decision by casting ZOO legend Seren Gibson as the lead in the latest video for their track Bad Signal. Why? Well, firstly Seren is hotter than a baker's oven and she looks awesome decked out in the funky Jamiroquai-style headdress.

The video sees Seren chasing down her boyfriend via text, shouting at her parents and then deciding to go on a cheap cider binge - before dressing as a feathered raver and ploughing into Hadouken's gig.

Let us know what you think of the track in the comments! If you want to see more of the legend that is Seren Gibson, head this way to see her fine work in ZOO's Student Strip videos!

You can get Hadouken's Bad Signal EP here!

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