Brooke Lynette: Top MMA Ring Girl Strips Off In Her Knockout Video!

Age: 26
From: Edinburgh
Bra size: 34DD
Height: 5ft 8in
Favourite drink: Vodka & tonic
Favourite sandwich: Cheese & coleslaw
Favourite film: Warrior
Favourite TV show: Sex And The City
Dream job: Worldwide music artist
Pet hate: People who fidget
Party trick: I have double-jointed arms and legs

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Brooke Lynette MMA Ring Girl Strips Sexy Pictures Gallery Video

Introducing... Brooke Lynette!



Brooke, you’re a cage warrior! tell us more…

No, I’m not a cage warrior! I’m just the head ring girl for Cage Warriors, one of the UK’s top MMA promotions. I prance around in skimpy Lycra, that hugs all the right places!

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