Who's Your Favourite Girl Next Door? Vote In Real Girls: Round 43!

Real Girls: Round 43!Well, that's it then. England's involvement at Euro 2012 is all over.

Not that we're in the least bit surprised. The moment the ref brought an end to extra time to herald the decisive penalty shootout, we knew we had as much chance as going through as France did of having a tournament without petty bickering and in-fighting.

Oh well. There's always Brazil in 2014 (easy!) to look forward to, and we got further than many were expecting us to.

But the main reason to not feel too downbeat is that we have another round of real girls for you to vote on, in what is without question the sexiest example of democracy there is.

You know the drill by now. Get voting.

Real Girl: bex85ROUND 42 WINNER!
High-heeled brunette babe bex85 snatched victory with her 8.0 rating. Well played, Bex. She'll go into the hat to win her very own ZOO shoot.
- See bex85's Real Girls profile and gallery!


Buxon raven-haired beauty - Jamillia - trounced the competition with her applaud-worthy score of 8.6. Here's hoping we'll get a cheeky peek under that bikini top sometime soon...
- See Gabrielle's Real Girls profile and gallery!

Pouty blonde siren - Kateee2610 - strolled ahead of the competition with 8.3/10. If the planets align correctly we might see more of this babe in sexy printed magazine near you.
- See Gabrielle's Real Girls profile and gallery!

If you ever saw our Real Girl Of The Year 2010 competition, you should have a rough idea of how it all works by now. If not, here’s our handy three-point guide on how you can vote and get your favourite in front of ZOO’s cameras!

1) Go and buy each new issue to check out the new girls.
2) Inspect them thoroughly and then head here to vote for your favourite.
3) The girl with the highest rating each week will then be put forward for one of our monthly ZOO shoots!

Lovely ladies of ZOO World, it's not too late to get involved. Simply head over to our Real Girls site, sign up and get uploading your pictures and videos. We're looking forward to seeing your sexy entries (no dirty jokes, please).

So what are you waiting for? Get rating those pictures!

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