Real Girls: Round 39!

Twas a bright summer's day, in the month we call May,
Dear Britain was sweating and the nation's men were fretting.
For a day had come, when ladies shed for the sun,
They dropeth their Kagools and forget the office rules.

Cleavage was revealed, as men tried to keep their glee concealed,
It was a glorious time, some might dub it as sublime.
Such unequivocal joy, from every man and boy,
Can only be matched, by a plan that ZOO hath hatched.

To collect ladies in trio, like a girl-catching hero,
Post them together, whatever the weather.
Readers must behold their beauty, such is their honourable duty,
Then vote for the best, with particular attention to be paid to her chest.

Your victorious delight, will then have the right,
To be considered for your loveable ZOO Mag, and receive a new name tag.
She shalt be your Real Girl champ, that you will love more than lamp.
There's new girls every week, so we will forever need your critique.

What's with the poem? Well, you try and come up with a new way to introduce sexy Real Girls every week!

Blonde bombshell, LollyLopez, nailed a convincing victory with a score of 8.6. Hopefully we'll be seeing more of the denim clad delight in a magazine near you!
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Stunning brunette GabrielleLouise sailed to victory with a sturdy score of 8.3. If she keeps up the good work, we're sure you'll be seeing that vest pulled down a lot further, sometime soon...
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Alexandra kept things nice and simple (just like her name) in round 36 by stripping down to her lingerie and looking very hot. Her 7.8 rating edged her to victory by 0.1 mark - proof that your votes really do make the difference!
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If you ever saw our Real Girl Of The Year 2010 competition, you should have a rough idea of how it all works by now. If not, here’s our handy three-point guide on how you can vote and get your favourite in front of ZOO’s cameras!

1) Go and buy each new issue to check out the new girls.
2) Inspect them thoroughly and then head here to vote for your favourite.
3) The girl with the highest rating each week will then be put forward for one of our monthly ZOO shoots!

Lovely ladies of ZOO World, it's not too late to get involved. Simply head over to our Real Girls site, sign up and get uploading your pictures and videos. We're looking forward to seeing your sexy entries (no dirty jokes, please).

So what are you waiting for? Get rating those pictures!

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