ZOO Real Girls: Round 20!

real-girls-round-20-sexy-topless-babe-gallery-JadeGreenIf there's one problem with the Christmas and New Year break - it's that work inevitably builds up for when you return to the office.

Take ZOO, last week we were so preoccupied in bringing you the best in boobilicious pictures and topical man news, that we soon realised our winter break had put us a week behind with our real girls vote!

I know; we were as horrified as you presumebly are now.

So let's not sit on our laurels, here's round 20 in what is now a bumper week of Britain's sexiest poll. You know the drill by now. Simply check out our pick of this week's girl next door honeys and vote how you see fit!

Remember: your votes could make all the difference, and could win your choice her very own shoot for the magazine!

real-girls-round-19-sexy-topless-babe-gallery-mucROUND NINETEEN
Remember to pop over and vote for the exceptional looking girls in Round 19! With your help one of these beuties could be on her way to winning her very own boobtastic ZOO shoot for the magazine!
- See Round Nineteen's Real Girls!

It was a tight competition, but DOLLYPINK's perky rear stole the show in round 17 with a respectable 8.1 score. That means the fiesty redhead will now have the chance to win her a very own ZOO shoot!
- See DOLLYPINK's Real Girls profile and gallery!

HolyMuldoon real girls topless babe gallery

You had a clear favourite in this round, and HollyMuldoon ran away with the bragging rights with a 7.7 score. That means she'll go into the mixer to win her a very own ZOO shoot, but who else will join her?
- See HollyMuldoon's Real Girls profile and gallery!

If you ever saw our Real Girl Of The Year 2010 competition, you should have a rough idea of how it all works by now. If not, here’s our handy three-point guide on how you can vote and get your favourite in front of ZOO’s cameras!

1) Go and buy each new issue to check out the new girls.
2) Inspect them thoroughly and then head here to vote for your favourite.
3) The girl with the highest rating each week will then be put forward for one of our monthly ZOO shoots! 

Lovely ladies of ZOO World, it's not too late to get involved. Simply head over to our Real Girls page, sign up and get uploading your pictures and videos. We're looking forward to seeing your sexy entries (no dirty jokes, please).

So what are you waiting for? Get rating those pictures!

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