ZOO Real Girls: Round 8!

ZOO Real Girls: Round 8 voting! Sexy real girls next door pictures!Never has the phrase, "Time flies when you're voting on sexy real girls in the hope of seeing them strip in the pages of the world's greatest men's weekly" been more apt than it is now.

What's that? You've never heard of that saying? Well, the joke's on you, because we've been using it for AGES and you need to get with the times.

And besides, it's bloody appropriate right now as we've reached the end of the second month of voting in the country's hottest example of democracy - yep, we're into round eight of our ZOO Real Girls competition.

You know the drill by now: simply check out our pick of this week's girl next door honeys and vote how you see fit! Remember: your votes could make all the difference, and win your choice her very own shoot for the magazine.

So launch the slideshow and vote on this week's batch of beauties! What are you waiting for? It's what democracy was invented for...

ZOO Real Girls: EmmaKateDawson1ROUND SEVEN'S WINNER
You chose the delectable EmmaKateDawson1 as your round seven winner - and what a bloody good choice you all made. Her 7.8 rating took the glory and puts her in the mix to win her own ZOO shoot!
- See EmmaKateDawson1's Real Girls profile and gallery!

Red-haired HarleyG slamdunked her rivals in round six of the voting, with a strong 8.1 rating to take victory. Was it the big boobs or the sexy pout that did it for you? Either way, she's your weekly champ!
- See HaryleyG's Real Girls profile and gallery!

Sexy real girl - kyliekingROUND FIVE'S WINNER
Brunette babe kylieking saw off the sexy competition in round five, with a solid 7.9 rating! We're thinking of some Kylie Minogue 'she should be so lucky' gags, but she didn't need it with looks like this!
- See kylieking's Real Girls profile and gallery!

If you ever saw our Real Girl Of The Year 2010 competition, you should have a rough idea of how it all works by now. If not, here’s our handy three-point guide on how you can vote and get your favourite in front of ZOO’s cameras!

1) Go and buy each new issue to check out the new girls.
2) Inspect them thoroughly and then head here to vote for your favourite.
3) The girl with the highest rating each week will then be put forward for one of our monthly ZOO shoots! 

Lovely ladies of ZOO World, it's not too late to get involved. Simply head over to our Real Girls page, sign up and get uploading your pictures and videos. We're looking forward to seeing your sexy entries (no dirty jokes, please).

So what are you waiting for? Launch the slideshow and get rating those pictures!

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