Alice Goodwin Revealed!

Launch Alice Goodwin's sexy slideshow of pictures!There are certain things we’re pretty sure you know about Alice Goodwin, our favourite covergirl, by now.

You know she’s got the Hottest Body In The World (you wisely voted her your No1 earlier this year), you know that she possesses a whopping pair of 32FFs and you (might) know that, thanks to a degree in Education and English, she once harboured thoughts of becoming a teacher. True story.

But what hidden depths are there to the sultry Staffordshire siren? We chose to give her an open forum to discuss all the little bits of information you’d need to make Alice your girlfriend. The results include buying her chocolate, watching Transformers and showing as little interest in her as possible. Pretty simple, eh? If only...

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The Real Alice Goodwin Revealed!


Miss Goodwin, the floor is yours. Tell us something about yourself that nobody would know.
Well, I’m a bit obsessed with the purple sweets you get in tins of Roses.

OK, we definitely didn’t know that!
Yeah, they brought out a big one a while ago, and I saw a billboard recently that advertised an actual bar they’d made from that one sweet. It’s like loads of them joined together. I’m buzzing about it.

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