Midweek In Women: Pinto! Playboy! Girlfriends - The Ultimate Collection

No matter how hot your girlfriend is, FHM's got a better one. Actually, FHM's got 19 better girlfiends (the lucky buggers) and they've put together a gallery featuring videos and photos of all of them.

We Hate Porn: Playboy’s San Antonio Casting Calls

Ever wondered how Playboy choose the models they feature in their magazines? Simple: they call in a load of girls, strip them down to their underwear and take pictures of them. Like the X-Factor, only with hotter girls and less weirdos. Chanelle Hayes Bikini Candids have got pictures of Chanelle Hayes looking all tanned and shiny on holiday. We must say, the ex-Big Brother star truly has got a wonderful pair of… shades.

Guyism: Bar Refaeli Bikini Photos

Another week, another gallery of Bar Refaeli - and luckily that means more bikinis. Last year Bar modelled swimwear for Aqua Bendita and she’s done the same again this year.

DJMick: 40 Photos Of Sexy Girls In Specs

Geek chic: it’s all the rage at the moment. If you don't own at least three pairs of NHS glasses with plain glass in the frames, then you're officially not cool. DJMick’s jumped on the bandwagon and put together a collection of his 40 hot girls wearing glasses and, in some cases, not much else...

HolyTaco: Amber Lancaster Pictures

Oh, look! It’s that girl out of Glee! Y'know, the bitchy cheerleader who had a baby in the first series and generally put it about a bit. Oh wait, no it’s not? Nope, we're wrong. It’s actually former Seattle Seahawks cheerleader of the Seattle Seahawks, Amber Lancaster. Of course it is.

P.S. We've never watched Glee in our lives. Honest. 20 Hottest pictures of Freida Pinto

In case you didn’t already recognise her, Freida Pinto is the actress who starred alongside Anwar from Skins in Slumdog Millionaire. They’re now an item. In other news: life isn’t fair.

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