Facebook Fittie: Lolly Lee!

Facebook Fittie: Lolly LeeName: Lolly Lee +1 Add As A Friend

Age: 23

Hometown: Bournemouth

Bra size: 32F

No of Friends (on Facebook):

About Me: 'I’m the best of both worlds. I love to dress up like a naughty Barbie doll but I also love playing on the Playstation 3. I can be a bit dappy, too, because I once thought Brazil was part of Spain and Wales was the capital of Ireland. My biggest turn-off? Y-fronts!'

Status Update: 'Being naked at the gym is a great way to stay cool.'

'Dressed in police uniform for the Suzuki Motorbike Show. It was a hot day in every sense of the word.'

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'Getting a cheeky New Year kiss from my friend.'

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'The calm before the storm. Girls getting ready to hit the town.'

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Facebook Fittie: Lolly Lee


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