Caitlin Wynters: Your New Cover Girl!

Caitlin Wynters, Elle Richie, Claire Cunningham

When we decided to celebrate the sun (occasionally) coming out by launching our search for a brand new Summer Babe – and officially crowning a new ZOO covergirl in the process – we knew there would be a lot of interest.

But sweet Moses; we had no idea just how crazy you guys would go.

The idea was simple: we asked you to nominate any girl you liked, picked out the 25 sexiest from the hundreds of entries and suggestions, and finally asked you to choose an overall winner.

Beautifully straightforward, but by no means easy. There were a lot of jaw-droppingly beautiful girls in the running, but in the end you put these three at the very top of the tree. And no one will complain about who you made our latest coverstar…

Launch the slideshow to see the runners-up in all their glory and your new cover girl strip!

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Er, we’ll stick with Caitlin. What do you think is going to be the best thing about being a ZOO covergirl?
Well, I guess guys will now know my name when they scream at me in the street, so I might get, “Nice boobs, Caitlin” instead of, “Nice boobs, love”. Some guy actually shouted, “Oi, nice hair” to me the other day. I stopped and pulled him up on it. “Really? My hair is what you’re looking at?” He knew what he wanted to say, but he totally bottled it!

How do you feel about guys approaching you in a bar?
It all depends on the line you use. This guy stopped me in the street the other day and said, “Are you from Jamaica?” I was like, “Do I really look Jamaican?” And he said, “Yeah, because you’re Jamaican me crazy!” I thought there was a hidden camera somewhere! He said it was just because I was so pretty, which was nice, but I’m pretty sure he was homeless, so I just moved on...

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