Caitlin Wynters: Your New Cover Girl!

Caitlin Wynters, Elle Richie, Claire Cunningham

When we decided to celebrate the sun (occasionally) coming out by launching our search for a brand new Summer Babe – and officially crowning a new ZOO covergirl in the process – we knew there would be a lot of interest.

But sweet Moses; we had no idea just how crazy you guys would go.

The idea was simple: we asked you to nominate any girl you liked, picked out the 25 sexiest from the hundreds of entries and suggestions, and finally asked you to choose an overall winner.

Beautifully straightforward, but by no means easy. There were a lot of jaw-droppingly beautiful girls in the running, but in the end you put these three at the very top of the tree. And no one will complain about who you made our latest coverstar…

Launch the slideshow to see the runners-up in all their glory and your new cover girl strip!

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3rd) Claire Cunningham

So Claire, how does it feel to be in the top three?
I’m chuffed – it feels great! My mates are seriously excited. I think every single one of them is going to buy a copy of ZOO, which should be good for sales!

The more the merrier…

Some of the girls I live with have pictures of me in ZOO on their bedroom walls. One morning, I was in the hall chatting to a guy that my flatmate had been seeing for a while and he was like, “Oh my God – is that you on the wall?” I was like, “Er, yeah!”

Are these mates of yours hot, too?

There’s a horrible stereotype about how people look in Scotland – we’re not all fat and ginger. My friends are all Scottish – and they’re all really hot, too. People always say they’re surprised at how many good-looking girls there are in Edinburgh, and I always ask them why they’re shocked!

Does that mean after Essex, Chelsea and Newcastle, you could be persuaded to front a new reality show in Edinburgh?

Hell yeah! All Scottish people on TV tend to be weirdos. We’ve got a reality show called The Scheme, which is just a bunch of council estate junkies. It’s hilarious, but there should be a glamorous show, too. We have plenty of hot girls in Edinburgh, so let’s do it – starting with me and my mates!

And what would it entail?

I’m definitely quick to get the bikini on when the sun comes out. Although in Scotland it’s only really ever at the swimming pool, so we might need to go somewhere like Portugal and find a nice beach filled with muscly men. And drink, of course. Although I am an incredible lightweight.

Even though you’re Scottish?
Oh yeah, I’m renowned for it. I’m the type of person who no one really notices is drunk until I do or say something really stupid!

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