Kezia's Noble Art Of Pulling!

Kezia Noble

Pulling at the bar

The barmaid at my local pub is hot and nearly everybody has tried it on. How do I ask her out without just looking like another guy trying his luck?
- Neil Oaks, Leicester

Kezia says... 'Start by sympathising with the position she is in. Say something like, 'My ex-girlfriend used to be a barmaid and she got hit on all the time – it drove her mad!' Build up some light banter and tell her you’re going to be her minder for the night. Any time a guy tries it on, you make a deal with her that you will pretend to be her jealous boyfriend. If you can be really confident when doing all this, she will be far more likely to give you her number.

Beating the bad guy

My girlfriend dumped me when I was away in Australia. Now I’ve returned, I want us to get back together, but she’s with a guy who’s been caught trying it on with other girls – and she’s even forgiven him. How do I get her to give me another chance?
- Doug, via email

Kezia says... 'It sounds like this guy she is now with is the reason she dumped you in the first place. Unfortunately, it seems his bad-boy behaviour has only fuelled her desire to keep him. Try to make her jealous: rather than being the man who will be there waiting for her, be the man who is slowly slipping through her fingers.

Let her know about dates you are going on with hot women and make sure you let her know that these women are really head-strong girls, which is what you like. They are not the types who would tolerate a man cheating behind their backs. This comparison will strike a chord with her and the fact that you are losing interest will also help force her to reconsider the offer you are presenting her with.

Open door policy

I’m old school and still open doors for ladies, and pick up the bill on dates. My mates say it’s the reason
I keep ending up in the 'friend' zone. What do you think?
- JA, London

Kezia says... 'Rubbish! There is actually something very attractive about men with old-fashioned values. The reason women are keeping you in the friend zone has nothing to do with opening doors. 'Treat them mean to keep them keen' does not mean you have to be a rude idiot – just be cheeky and show signs of disinterest, so she doesn’t take you for granted. Be proud of your values – they set you apart.

Sealing the deal

I’ve been seeing this girl for a few weeks now but every time I invite her back to mine, she makes an excuse. How do I turn her round?
- Keith, via email

Kezia says... 'Do not use a logical argument like, 'I just want a coffee.' Get the energy flowing beforehand. Sexual innuendo shouldn’t begin just before you get to your front door – it should start in the middle of the date, so she feels like she has to face a choice when you’re both in the cab going home.


I want to lick Marmite off my girlfriend’s toes. How do I get her to let me?
- Danny T, Paisley

Kezia says... 'Marmite? Really? Well, most women hate their feet. Tell her you want to kiss her from her head to her toes. Get her erogenous zones heated up and, by the time you get to her feet, she might be too aroused to care!'

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