WAG Of The Week: Natalie Camm!

Natalie Camm
FROM: Derby
JOB: Beautician

Is your fella happy you’ve done this for him?
He loves the idea that others can look but only he can touch. Sometimes, we roleplay and he pretends to be the photographer. I won’t share details, but let’s just say it’s not long before he puts the camera down.

Ha ha! The rest of the team will love that…
They always banter about him being a poseur and now they have all the proof they need, not that he cares. He’ll love every minute – especially his picture being in ZOO.

Do you watch him play?
Of course! The weather doesn’t bother me and I love being outside – and not just when it comes to watching football, if you know what I mean…

We think so. Is he any good then?
Are we still talking about football? I’d say 'yes' to both. He’s an excellent utility player, with great touches. I’ve never known him miss a chance to score yet.

But has he missed a game for you?
He has. But that’s only because I was wearing his strip at the time.

Tom Davis

The boyfriend… Tom Davis
Position: Centre Midfiled
Team: Kibworth Town

LEAGUE: Leicester & District Football League Division One
GROUND: Fleckney Road
MANAGER: Nick Davis
NEXT FIXTURE: Leicester Tile 08 (h)

League Table

Who’s got the best banter in the changing room?

It’s got to be Ben Dearsley. He’s great value and always game for a laugh. We like to think of him as the 'Joker Of Kibworth'.

Ever played a prank on a teammate?
Absolutely. My personal favourite is putting muscle rub in another player’s pants. It certainly ensures they’ll run about a lot.

Who’s given the worst excuse for missing a game?
David Buckby. Unfortunately, I can’t name a particular one because there are so many. He gives excuses all the time.

Best player so far this season?
This will be controversial but, for banter’s sake, I have to say Jack Plant. The poor lad can’t score a goal to save his life, but he’s a great player nonetheless.

Anyone a bit big-time?
All of us! If I had to name one, I’d plump for Ben Davis. He’d probably agree, too.

Most injury prone?
Ironically, it’s David Buckby again. If he does bother to attend a match, he just ends up getting crocked anyway.

Worst in training?
To be fair, we’re all actually pretty good, but if I had to say someone, it would be Dan Carter. He always arrives hungover from the night before.

Best dressed?
Easy. Without a doubt, it’s Macca. Some would say he could put Gok Wan out of business with his fashion approach.

Worst taste in music?
Adam Murray. It’s a shame because he’s a bloody good footballer, but he listens to some right old tosh!

Who does well on a night out?
Sam Davis is probably the smooth-talker within the camp. Well, that’s what he likes to believe anyway.

Funniest thing to happen on a night out with the lads?
For the third time, it’s David Buckby. He’s got a hat-trick for once! Easily the funniest memory from a night out is when he was collared running through Market Harborough town – with nothing on.

Who talks a good game?
OK, I’ll put my hands up. The lads would say it was me, so if I didn’t own up to it, I’d have to face getting hammered when they read this.

This season’s comedy moment?

Believe it or not, I scored a goal wearing nothing but a willy warmer. Yes, it’s true!

Who takes the longest in the shower?
It’s got to be Rich Randall.

Because he likes to take ZOO in there with him. We’ve all left by the time he comes out!

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Sunday League WAG Of The Week: Natalie Camm

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