Peta Todd Talks Sex!

Fellas – it’s that time of the year again.

Forget every other gesture you’ve made to your girlfriend over the past 12 months, because Valentine’s Day is when your commitment to the cause really counts.

And that becomes even more important when things move into the bedroom at the end of the night. 

That’s why we’ve asked legendary glamour girl Peta Todd to do two things for us.

Firstly, pose in the finest range of undercrackers on offer, so you can figure out what to buy your lady.

And secondly, give us her tips on how you can whip it all off when the moment arrives.

Sadly, the only thing we can’t guarantee is that your missus will look quite this good in lingerie. 

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Peta Todd Topless

Peta Todd Talks Sex

Peta, it’s Valentine’s Day this week. Are you aware how much pressure is on us lads at this time of year?
Guys do have a hard time, and I don’t think girls take that on board. We don’t go out of our way as much, which is a little bit unfair. I wouldn’t say, 'Can you build me a castle out of sugar cubes?' and then not give you anything in return.

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