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At ZOO we like going on the pull as much as any man. But lately more and more of our wingmen, are just going online to find either girlfriends or girls who just want a naughty one-nighter.

It cuts to the chase, as online you know exactly what each girl is after. That's why ZOO have put together two brand spanking new dating sites, ZOO No Strings and ZOO Single Girls, to find just the girl you want.

ZOO Single Girls

If you’re looking for something a bit more lasting and serious, then ZOO Single Girls is like an academy crammed full of girlfriend material. ZOO Single Girls has thousands of girls looking to find a man they can call their own. And you can be the bloke to draw that search to the close!

If you're already a member of ZOO Hot Dates then you'll find your membership has been transferred to ZOO Single Girls. On here you'll find all the girls you were chatting up before, but take a look at the new hotties we've found.

ZOO No Strings

No Strings is packed full of girls who are up for it. They won't be phoning you endlessly for weeks on end, or declaring their love after the first glass of wine. They're not looking for anything serious and they're clear about that. If you have a wilder side or if you're not ready to settle just yet, then ZOO No Strings is the site for you.

Check out ZOO Single Girls and ZOO No Strings now!

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