VIDEO: Winter Warmers Alice & Leah

There are plenty of you who’ve had a bit of a nightmare with all this snow, ice and generally very cold nonsense recently. But instead of grumbling, let’s look at the positives.

Yes, being stuck in the house watching Loose Women can be a pain in the backside – but not if you’ve got two sexy snow bunnies like our Alice Goodwin and Leah Francis to keep you company.

So may we present to you the ZOO Winter Warmers – a revolutionary idea, which consists of a day’s mischief in the snow with Alice and Leah, followed by an evening canoodling by the warm fire.

Chuck a few other essential ingredients into the mix (like 'vibrating bullets', according to the girls) and the idea of leaving the house becomes a distant memory. ’Tis the season to be jolly, after all. Girls: get those cockles warming…

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Alice Goodwin And Leah Francis Topless

Winter Warmers: Alice Goodwin and Leah Francis

So, girls, it’s getting chilly outside. Must be the perfect time for a winter-themed ZOO shoot then, eh?
ALICE: Absolutely! It was bloody freezing when we did the shots outside, but loads of fun. This is how everyone should take advantage of the cold weather.

LEAH I had a good time, until I wrapped some lights around my pants. They gave me an electric shock in quite a sensitive area! It felt good at first, but that was soon followed by a sharp pain, which isn’t such a bad thing, I suppose.

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