ZOO Hot Dates: Festive Chat Up Lines

When delivering your killer line at the Xmas party focus on slowing down the speed you talk at, projecting your voice and speaking confidently when you deliver them.

Channel the tonality of James Bond and Simon Cowell, instead of Hugh Grant, to make sure you get laid this Christmas and these hot lines don’t turn into turkeys.

'Would you like to be my dance floor ho ho ho?'
Win: 'I just had to come and tell you that you’re stunning. Let’s dance.'

Logic: Don’t appear weak by asking ‘would you like’, just state what your intentions are. Also if you want to move the girl anywhere, like onto the dance floor, start to make the movement as you deliver the line to add conviction to what you’re saying.

Fail: 'Can I fill your Christmas stocking?'
Win: 'I like your neck. In fact, I want to kiss you right there.'

Logic: Have the confidence and masculinity to tell a girl what you want. Questions demand a response- statements are more powerful.

Fail: 'I like a bit of your breasts and legs; in fact, I’d stuff you any day.'
Win: 'I like how your legs look in that dress: though I think you’d look even better in red.'

Logic: Be ok to state your opinion. The clown who makes a joke out of sex isn’t so seductive. It takes a more confident man to not just weakly comply that everything that she says and does is a 100% right and amazing. Women want a challenge as well as a knight in shining armour.

Fail: 'I’d love to empty my sack down your chimney.'
Win: 'I want to kiss your right now.'

Logic: Heighten the tension of the moment by emphasising how you ‘want’ to do something ‘now’. If she doesn’t want to kiss you accept it as a ‘not yet’ not a ‘no’, and maintain your cool.

Fail: 'I don’t want you to be like Santa and only come once a year.'
Win: 'Ok, I’ve been a good boy and waited at least ten minutes before I do this...'

Logic: Have the audacity to state your intent. The stronger your conviction the more likely her compliance will be.

Fail: 'Like the mistletoe on my door, I’m very well hung.'
Win: 'I like how you just lingered under the mistletoe on the door: it makes me think that you want to be kissed. I would love to oblige you, but I’m the kind of guy that needs to get to know a girl for at least two minutes before any kissing.'

Logic: Teasing by making assumptions about people can be a powerful way of establishing what you want out of an interaction- namely at least second base.

To sumarise: Direct (that’s when you just tell a girl exactly what you think/ feel/ want to do) lines can be powerful in getting what you want fast.


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Thanks to guys at PUA training for putting Hayley Quinn in touch with ZOO!

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