In Bed With Jeana Brock

See Jeana Brock's stunning 'In Bed With' shoot... we don't think we'll have the heart to wash the sheets after this.

Age: 21
From: Kent
Bra Size: 32E
Height: 5ft 6in
Fave position: Doggie
Most sex in one day: Five times
Confession: I’m addicted to sex toys

'What’s your worst sexual experience?'

Have you ever had any bad experiences in the bedroom? And do you have any funny stories about them?
- Terry, Liverpool
Jeana says... I was getting it on with my now ex boyfriend at his house after we got back from clubbing one night.
I don’t know what was going through his mind, but he’d left the bedroom light on and the door slightly ajar. Anyway, five minutes later his mum walked in and said, 'Don’t mind me,' and turned the light off. Needless to say it was slightly awkward at breakfast the next morning!

'Do you use sex toys?'

Does every girl have lots of sex toys – and are they even better than real sex?
- Darren, Taunton
Jeana says... No, but what girl doesn’t have some kind of toy in their bedroom? I absolutely love Ann Summers. I think I could literally live in there and I own at least half the outfits in the shop. In fact, I could probably open my own store! Toys will never be better than sex, but they’re certainly a damn good substitute if you’re not getting any!

'Can you talk the talk?'
I want to know what kind of sex stuff you and your girlfriends talk about?
- Walshy, Rainham
Jeana says... I can talk to my girlfriends about anything and everything. We always have a really good gossip whenever any of us get a new boyfriend or pull someone and compare all our notes – and yes, that does include length, girth, endurance, satisfaction levels, orgasms, personal hygiene and your moves!

'Three and easy?'
Have you ever had a threesome or would you ever? What about any lesbian experiences?
- Christopher, via email
Jeana says... Whoever said two’s company and three’s a crowd hasn’t got a clue and should loosen up a bit. Two may be company, but three’s a result!

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In Bed With Jeana Brock

In Bed With Jeana Brock

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