In Bed With... Anderson Wild

In ZOO's bed this week is Anderson Wild. Watch her video then scroll down for her sex advice and amazing pictures. This is one girl who more than lives up to her name...

AGE 23
FROM London
HEIGHT 5ft 9in
MOST SEX IN ONE DAY So many times I can’t remember!
STEAMIEST SEX CONFESSION I’ve had sex in a restaurant

Anderson Wild on... Panties

'All the girls I know love to dress up! We love finding little kinky items to make you squirm. Even the seemingly shy ladies will have a few naughties tucked away, guaranteed! I like to have fun with G -strings, experimenting with colours and fabrics to create sexy sensations on my skin. A cool gift for a new girlfriend is panties that you’d love to see her in; it’ll make her want to be extra naughty for you! Although I’d definitely root through her drawers first to check on her size…'

'What can I do to delay my goo?'
When I have sex, I sometimes come far too quickly and it’s annoying my girlfriend. What can I do to prolong our sessions?
 - Paul, via email

Anderson says... 'Whack out a dildo and pleasure her! Just because your fun has finished doesn’t mean hers has too. Don’t tell me you’re one of those guys who rolls over once he’s had his goods, because if you were my man and you did that, I would beat you! Bring out the toys and explore your girl’s body with other parts of yours.'

'Taking matters into my own hands'
I’m a single lad and I often have to see to myself up to five times a day. My mates say I’m doing it too much. Are they right?
 - Dean, Enfield

Anderson says... 'I think you should play to your heart’s content! A guy with a high sex drive is never a problem. Just make sure when you get a girl you keep up the stamina. Why are you listening to your mates? They probably do far worse stuff that they don’t tell you about…'

'Seaside fun was pure water torture'
On holiday my girl and I decided to have a quickie in the sea. Unfortunately it caused more pain than pleasure. Is this normal or should we try again?
 - Kyle, via email

Anderson says... 'Sex on the beach or in the sea isn’t my thing, really. It’s way too messy. I’d stick to the shower if you’re wanting to splash about while having your fun – it’s far less painful and you don’t have to be quiet or discreet because you’re in the privacy of your own place, which means you can be really naughty!'

'How do I give my missus a gagging order?'
When my girlfriend tries to deep-throat me, she often ends up gagging – which can be very off-putting. How do I persuade her that less is best?
 - Jason, Essex

Anderson... 'I doubt she’s enjoying gagging the night away, either! Maybe she thinks that’s the only way it can be pleasurable for you, so show her how to do it without leaving her teary eyed and feeling sick.'



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