World Strip: Italy

With a resounding majority of 66% you have chosen Italy as our next destination.

Yes, the country shaped like a leg kicking Siciliy in the backside, where the smell of fresh dough mingles with the expensive perfume of Gucchi-wearing honeys.

Where the men cruise past them on scooters, raising their eyebrows and wolf-whistling without looking like perverts.

In short, where blokes likes us don't really fit in.

Never mind. World Strip is bringing you Italy's finest asset - namely their jaw-droppingly beautiful babes - right into your living room. Enjoy this week's star - and don't forget to vote for our next stop at the bottom. Ciao for now.


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Where to next? Below are two options for our next striptease destination. Pass your talent-spotting eyes over the candidates and choose where to next, by voting for your desired destination.

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