Hannah: Britain's Babes Got Talent!

We've asked five of the nation's hottest glamour models to show us their hidden talents - and this time, we don't just mean the obvious...

This week its contortionist Hannah Shetler - watch her teaser video here!

We're releasing a teaser a week of the girls performing their (second) biggest talent. After that, we're going to ask you to vote for which one you'd like to see perform their audition in full. Simple!

In the mean time - enjoy Hannah's picture gallery!

Or check out the previous Britian's Babes Got Talent audition videos here:

- India Reynolds Rides A Unicycle!

- Kelly Hall Blows The Bagpipes!

- Amy Green Banana Deep-throat!

Have you got a topless talent? Send you video links to!

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Hannah Shetler topless: Hannah Shetler

Hannah Shetler: Britain's Babes Got Talent

Er, both legs behind your head?
I thought you might like it. I guess I’m just really bendy and I don’t even do yoga or gymnastics! The trick often comes out at a party. It normally gets the biggest cheer of the night!

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