Bathtime With Madison & Melissa D!

It's a beautiful moment as you watch these two blondes beauties in the bath. Why can't every day be like this?

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Madison & Melissa D Bathtime!

Madison & Melissa D Bathtime!

So, who hogged all the bath space, then?
Melissa There was a lot of skin-on-skin action going on. There were legs, arms, hands and boobs everywhere…
Madison …so we had no choice but to share it nicely!

Was there any danger of losing the soap?
Madison We only had bubbles I’m afraid. But that rubber duck kept disappearing. I think it was a bit of a perverted duck, to be totally honest.
Melissa That’s true. I think that duck had the best day of its life!

Did either of you make any of your own bubbles?
Melissa Obviously we’re girls so we’ve never made inappropriate bubbles – especially not when you’re in the tub with someone as hot as Madison. It’s totally against all the rules!
Madison We’re not boys!

Given that you’ve spent all day washing, are there any filthy girls out there you think need a good clean?
Melissa I’ll say Vikki Blows – I think she’s got a really dirty look about her.
Madison Definitely Jodie Marsh – she just generally needs a really good scrub! And my friend Rhian Sudgen too, because we all know she’s been a little bit of a naughty girl recently…

Finally, we have to ask: you’ve both been in the bath all day, so is there any dodgy wrinkling?
Madison Yeah, but only our hands. Nothing else dodgy!
Melissa Imagine getting pruney boobs – that would be horrible!

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