December's Real Girls: Week One!

Behind Closed Doors babeA big congratulations to Kirsty Ferriday, who has bagged herself a double-page spread in ZOO magazine this month for her very own photoshoot!

She does of course owe that to you - who gave her a massive average rating of 8.6 out of 10.

So while we look forward to Kirsty's appearance in the mag and on our website, it's time to begin the search for a Real Girl to win a shoot in December.

Give these 10 honeys a rating out of 10, and see who'll be this week's winner!

November's Behind Closed Doors winner is...

Kirsty FerridayKirsty Ferriday, 19, student, Cornwall
Vote for me: 'I'd love to be in ZOO and show you guys more of what I've got.'
Your rating: 8.6
- See Kirsty's winning picture


November's other weekly winners were... 

Rhiannon PurdyRhiannon Purdy, 19, sales assistant, Bath
Vote for me: 'Because I'm hot and would love to be in ZOO.'
Your rating: 7.8
- See Rhiannon's winning picture


Cheryl McQueenCheryl McQueen, 20, carer, Ayrshire
Vote for me: 'I have the sexy girl-next-door look.'
Your rating: 7.4
- See Cheryl's winning picture


Hayley SamsHayley Sams, 23, Bedfordshire
Vote for me: 'I can be cute, natural, girly, sexy and I have that extra bit of sparkle.'
Your rating: 7.5
- See Hayley's winning picture

Ahoy, hotties!
Babes of Blighty, your nation needs you. Naked, if possible. Star on our mag and web pages by sending in your sexiest snaps and details to

WARNING: Repeated voting can be detected and will be discounted. Influencing others to give some girls deliberately low ratings is not allowed. Also, abusive comments will not be tolerated and offending profiles will be deleted.

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Kaycee M, 23, promotions girl, London

Kaycee M, 23, promotions girl, London

Vote for me: ‘With my hot body, I should definately be in ZOO!’

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