Massive Bangers: Girl Fawkes Night!

katie marieWe never entirely understood why we were always told to 'remember, remember, the fifth of November'. After all, the big explosions aside, it usually involves standing around in the cold, waiting desperately for the three seconds of lights and noise that you’ve been promised – all the while surrounded by potentially sexy ladies, who are irritatingly wrapped up in scarves and big coats.

Well, not any more. With all those fireworks, we’ve decided Bonfire Night should be a thrilling and exciting evening – which is why we’ve got Katie-Marie Cork to use her 30F sparklers and show us what 5 November could be like if ZOO was left in charge. Watch her video below...

We’ve even got the gorgeous Katie-Marie to liven up the traditional health and safety instructions you get at every fireworks display in our own ZOO style, making the next few pages not only stunningly eye-catching, but potentially life-saving. She’s also taken the trouble of answering our truly explosive, whizz-banging Bonfire Night questions…

- Read the interview and see Katie-Marie's pics!

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Katie Marie lying topless on a bed of fireworks

Katie-Marie's Topless Bangers!
Hi, Katie-Marie. Do you like getting your sparklers out?
I love getting them out all year round. I think my boobs have their own thermal insulation. Honestly, they’re like hot water bottles.

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