Behind Closed Doors: Nina!

You voted 19-year-old Eastbourne eye-pleaser Nina Evans your Behind Closed Doors winner of the month.

And, fellas, she's single – and looking. She wants a date doing 'something casual, with lots of banter and sexual tension'. Done – on the sexual tension front, anyway.

More good news: Nina loves being tied to the kitchen sink, dressing up, dancing and pretty blondes. Could she get any better?

Watch her video below...

How does it feel to officially be this month’s hottest female?
Shocking! I didn’t tell anyone I was in the competition for quite a while – I didn’t think I’d win the week, let alone the month.

What do you think it is about you that attracted our discerning readers?
Er, I’m guessing my 34E boobies? You have got great boobs – how do you handle them? I live by a dual carriageway and there are builders working nearby, so every time I step out the front door it’s quite full-on. What surprises me is that even when I walk to the gym in a tracksuit and no make-up they still shout stuff. Men are crazy!

At least they don’t boo you… What does it take to pull a lady like you?
Someone who’s not afraid to take the piss out of me, but who can also make me quiver.

Have you got any debauched stories?
In Magaluf this summer, my friend and I drunkenly entered a Miss Hawaiian wet T-shirt competition and went on stage in front of more than 1,000 people. We got naked while dancing in the water and won. The finals are at the reunion this month – fingers crossed we’ll win those too!

We’ll come and back you. Have you ever kissed a girl?
I was in Spain once and first started kissing this Italian guy, then this Dutch girl came and joined in. After a while I had no idea where the Italian guy had gone, but we carried on anyway. It was very hot.

So did you have a full-on lesbian encounter?
No, I haven’t had one yet. Girls are really sexy – every girl fantasises about being with another girl. My ideal girls are Holly Willoughby and Emma Rigby. I love those two – it’s all about the blondes.

What’s your top sex tip for a really crap boy?
Compliment us! Adoration works wonders. A girl has to feel sexy to enjoy sex. Also, try not to come until they have. You can’t be selfish.

Never. Finally, what’s your claim to fame?

I once sung some Spice Girls songs with Geri Halliwell at a little house gathering whilst she played the piano. I had to keep pinching myself. It was very surreal.

PUB FACT: Nina Evans' dream threesome is Megan Fox and Christina Aguilera.

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