Aisleyne's New Boobs Revealed!

Aisleyne ToplessCongratulations on your new boobs. Amazing, considering they were very nice before...
Thanks - now they're even more incredible! Somehow, they feel more real than before. They've given me extra cleavage and I love them. I've got proper big boobs now! I'm fascinated by breasts. I stare at women and their boobs all the time.

Watch the vid of Aisleyne's boobs below first!

Has anyone else seen them yet?
No, this is the first unveiling of them - and my first proper shoot in ZOO. I've been really excited about it!

Would you ever go as big as Jordan?
I'd say they're too big for me, but I like looking at hers and having a perv - she's amazing. I think she'd look better with slightly smaller ones now she's getting older. She once came up to me at a party in London and said: "Aisleyne, I've just seen a shoot with you and I think it was beautiful." I've met big celebrities and been really blasé with them, but with Jordan I was, like, "Wow! Jordan knows my name!" She's great fun. We were both drunk at the time.

So who's your ideal woman?
J-Lo, but she needs a boob job. I love her curves but her boobs are too small for her. Pamela Anderson is also gorgeous and so is Halle Berry. Imogen Thomas is probably my favourite Big Brother girl - she's beautiful. I like Saskia Howard-Clarke, too.

You said in your book that Boy George used to baby-sit you...
Yeah, he was one of my mum's best friends and used to change my nappies and sing me punk lullabies. I spoke to him before he went to prison. He'd found a picture of him pushing me in a buggy, but he went down the next day so I never got it!

As a former housemate, have you been watching Big Brother 10?
This year's been a lot better than the last two years. There's been a few sexy girls in there. I fancied Siavash but went off him when he started getting pussy-whipped by Noirin. I need some pulling tips off her!

So who are the sexy girls you like this year?
Sophie. And Karly, too, because she's got a really feisty attitude and that can often be sexier than someone pretty who's just got big tits. Noirin's pretty, although I'm not too sure how sexy she is.

If you had to have a threesome, who would it be with?
Imogen and Saskia. Actually, I want Jodie Marsh and Jordan. Oh no, hang on - they hate each other!

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Aisleyne using her hands as a bra

Aisleyne Goes Topless!

That's true - but it's quite an image. Who would be the filthiest in bed in that three-way?
It's always the quiet ones - so me! I'm a lady on the street and a whore in the bedroom - so I've been told. To be honest, it's probably Jodie, isn't it?

Jodie Marsh must have tried to pull you before?
Actually, no - that's a good point. I'm really pissed off about that now! Why not, Jodie?

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