Big Brother's Karly Gets Naked!

Karly AshworthWhen you think about it, there aren’t many reasons to watch the bitch-fest that is Big Brother. So why do we do it? Simple – because the show’s producers are still sensible enough to sling women as coronary-inducingly hot as Karly Ashworth into the house.

The undoubted sexy star of this year’s Big Brother 10 is now back in the real world, and keen to give the world a better look at the sexy Scottish body we’ve been gawping at for the last seven weeks. And guess which magazine she wanted to strip off for? That’s right: ZOO, and ZOO only. Enjoy…

Welcome to ZOO, Karly. How are you finding life now you’re out of the BB house?

It’s so exciting. I’m going to be partying as much as I can now. I’m really flattered that everyone’s been positive towards me. I was out the other day and loads of guys were staring at me. I loved it!

By the way, Jacko’s dead and we’re all going to die from swine flu…
I know! It’s crazy. I’ve only been away for seven weeks but it feels like years. So much has happened. It’s strange, being in a bubble for so long.

How did you manage not to got the horn in the house?
You have to just shut off and not think about sex at all, otherwise you’d be thinking about it all day long. When I got nominated though, I was thinking naughty thoughts all week. I was like, 'Yes! I can have sex soon!'

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Karly Ashworth naked bum

Karly Ashworth Strips
You go out without underwear on and accidentally get photographed. It’s all over the papers. How do you react?
A Make sure you never wear knickers again and get pictured without pants all the time
B Think it’s hilarious, but don’t worry about it and secretly like the attention
C Sue for invasion of privacy and demand a public apology
'A. Why not? If they’ve seen it once, they can see it again! I hardly ever wear underwear anyway, so I wouldn’t be upset.'

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