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Alice GoodwinCongratulations, Alice. How do you feel about being voted No1 in ZOO’s Hot 101?
I was so shocked and happy when I heard – I couldn’t stop saying 'Oh my God!' I couldn’t believe I’d beaten so many sexy women like Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox to win. My agent asked if my mum had been voting for me, but I genuinely didn’t know anything about it. Thank you to everyone who voted – I’m over the moon. All my hard work has definitely paid off!

So who’d be your top three hottest women in the world – and could we set you up?
I really like Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. But I’m not into women in that way. I like men too much! Mind you, Sammy Braddy is absolutely gorgeous and a very good friend of mine, so she might be an option!

You only did your first topless shoot for ZOO recently. Do you think it helped you win?
Definitely. I don’t think anyone would have voted if I hadn’t gone topless! The last few shoots I’ve done for ZOO have been topless and I’ve really enjoyed them. Judging by the comments on the website, I think the readers have, too. It’s a nice bit of freedom for my boobs. They’ve been covered up for so long. I think the readers were bored of waiting and I was ready to give it my all.

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Alice Goodwin's bustiest ever shoot: topless video and pictures!

We can only apologise. Though, we notice, you seem very happy to be back shooting for us.
I’m at my happiest when I’m wearing sexy lingerie. I feel amazing – dressing and undressing in beautiful, silky things that make my boobs look awesome. What’s not to like? It never feels like work. I love the posing, the final results, getting dressed up, everything.

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