Alice Goodwin Naked Pics!

Alice GoodwinCongratulations, Alice. How do you feel about being voted No1 in ZOO’s Hot 101?
I was so shocked and happy when I heard – I couldn’t stop saying 'Oh my God!' I couldn’t believe I’d beaten so many sexy women like Cheryl Cole and Megan Fox to win. My agent asked if my mum had been voting for me, but I genuinely didn’t know anything about it. Thank you to everyone who voted – I’m over the moon. All my hard work has definitely paid off!

So who’d be your top three hottest women in the world – and could we set you up?
I really like Cheryl Cole, Megan Fox and Angelina Jolie. But I’m not into women in that way. I like men too much! Mind you, Sammy Braddy is absolutely gorgeous and a very good friend of mine, so she might be an option!

You only did your first topless shoot for ZOO recently. Do you think it helped you win?
Definitely. I don’t think anyone would have voted if I hadn’t gone topless! The last few shoots I’ve done for ZOO have been topless and I’ve really enjoyed them. Judging by the comments on the website, I think the readers have, too. It’s a nice bit of freedom for my boobs. They’ve been covered up for so long. I think the readers were bored of waiting and I was ready to give it my all.

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Alice Goodwin covering boobs

Alice Goodwin Gets Naked

Now you’ve unveiled your boobs, which celebrity should get theirs out next?
Jordan should get her new ones out, shouldn’t she? She hasn’t done much modelling since she’s had them reduced. I’ve always loved her. Everyone says she came across as a right idiot when Piers Morgan interviewed her, but I think she’s just been doing what any girl would do if they’d just been through a split. She’s single, so why shouldn’t she have some fun with her mates? I really like her.

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