Bianca's Hot Summer Strip!

BiancaHello, Bianca. Are you enjoying the heatwave?
I’m absolutely loving it! Last year, we were robbed of our summer, so it’s nice to see a bit of sun in Britain. It makes me really happy – and it definitely lifts your libido, too!

Have you had any summer romances yet?

No! I was hoping to have a snog in Marbella but I didn’t even get that. When I’m away I like to banter with blokes and have a laugh, but then things don’t normally go any further. They probably think I’m just one of the lads!

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Who did you go on holiday with?
Everyone goes to Marbella and Ibiza, so loads of us end up going out there at the same time and meeting up. Michelle Heaton and Calum Best were with me in Marbella – and we’ve met up with Chantelle Houghton, Danielle Lloyd and Chanelle Hayes out there in the past. Michelle’s the karaoke queen. She absolutely loves it! I’ll only get up if I’ve got a drink in me. But I’d never sing with her because she loves doing ballads. I just like shouting down the mic!

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Bianca Gascoigne in a bikini

Bianca Gascoigne Strips
Is there anyone you wouldn’t want to go away with?
Victoria Beckham, probably. I’ve got no time for her – I don’t like her at all. She doesn’t look like she has any fun whatsoever. It annoys me when people can’t just have a laugh.

Have you ever been skinny-dipping?
Quite a few times, with the girls for a dare. Skinny dipping in a hot tub was fun – it was like jumping into a bath! I quite like the risk of swimming naked in the sea and getting caught. It feels quite nice to be bikini-less in the water! I’ve not been to a nudist beach, but I wouldn’t say no to the idea. I’m a very, very curious person. I wanted to go to one in Ibiza and just see what people were up to. Maybe next time…

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