Kelly & Madison Do Topless Tennis!

Kelly-Madison-WimbledonWe love tennis here at ZOO. Which is why we got Madison Welch and Kelly Andrews onto a tennis court and let them run wild. The girls certainly enjoyed themselves. Especially when it came to our tennis questions…

Watch the video, and see the girls' tennis knowledge play-off below, then launch the slideshow to see their 33-degrees-and-rising hot pictures!


Round 1
What’s the name of the British No1?
KELLY Er, is it a girl or a boy? Men and women can’t play against each other, can they? What’s his name? Is it Roger Featherer?
MADISON Lewis Hamilton? I know nothing! All I know is they make dodgy noises when they serve. Actually, thinking about it, I’m pretty sure it was that Scottish guy called Murray Mints, or something!
1st Set: Miss Welch

Round 2
Who won the men’s singles at Wimbledon last year?
KELLY Harry Enfield? I honestly thought he was a tennis player. I’m sure there’s someone called Harry something…
MADISON The guy with the trophy. I really have no idea. Oh, hang on, 
I remember now – it’s Rafael Nadal. He sounds like a camel.
2nd Set: Miss Welch

Round 3
How long has it been since a British man won Wimbledon? a) 23 years b) 53 years c) 73 years

KELLY I’d say 73 years because Brits aren’t that good at tennis, are they? People had less to do 73 years ago, so they probably played it more.
MADISON Is it 23? Because if it’s any more that’s just shameful. It’s 73? My God! I’m going to learn tennis and take over the world!
3rd Set: Miss Andrews

Round 4
How many sets does a man have to win to win a match 
at Wimbledon?
KELLY Are sets like matches? Six? No, three! I do listen sometimes!
MADISON Love? Nil points? I don’t know. Match point?
4th Set: Miss Andrews

Round 5
What’s different about Centre Court this year?
KELLY They’ve changed the grass? Er… they’ve put a cover on it?
MADISON It’s slightly off-centre? Hotter ball girls?
5th Set: Miss Andrews

3-2 Game, Set & Match to Kelly!

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Kelly And Madison Topless With Strawberries

Kelly Andrews
Have you ever had to say 'new balls', please?
I’m not very good at tennis, so probably not. But I like the outfit. If I were to play properly, I’d wear a little white bra and a frilly white skirt. I’d want to wear heels because I’m not into trainers, but I guess that wouldn’t really help my game…

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