Sammy Braddy's Real Breast Fest!

Watch the video of Sammy Braddy's fizzing photoshoot, and then find out how she's 'fronting' our search for girls with real boobs like hers!


We always say honesty is the best policy. And when it comes to women, there is no greater lie than the boob job.
A welcome boost in the bra department maybe, but still not what nature intended us to stare at.

That’s why we’re launching a nationwide search for the very best 100 per cent natural, home-grown goods out there – with no added implants. And that’s why you’re going to help us find them.

Let’s face it – ZOO have an impeccable track record when it comes to this sort of thing. Take the lady we’ve chosen to front our Real Boobs Search, Sammy Braddy.

Who else could we ask to fly the silicone-free flag but the surgery-resisting, bra-busting beauty? After all, it was by winning this very competition last year that Sammy’s sizeable assets first came to national attention.

So enjoy this perfect pair of gravity-defying 32GG jubblies. And then get to work by telling us about the similar undiscovered treasures you’ve got your hands on…

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Sammy Braddy's Boobs!

Hi, Sammy. Hi, boobs. How are you all?
Good, thank you! We’re honoured to be fronting ZOO’s search for Britain’s Best Real Boobs. We’re hoping you find lots of pairs like mine – big, round and pert. You want to find some that are quite big but still stand the test of gravity.

Why are real boobs so much better?
I think there’s a place for all types of breasts and I’ve seen some fake boobs that are brilliant. But if you can have them naturally, then that’s ideal. I’ve seen fake ones that look identical to mine – only mine move when I walk and theirs don’t! I’ve got very good at telling fake from real now – it’s all about movement. I’ve got a lot of experience with breasts. I’m a bit of a boob professional now!

Are there another pair of real boobs out there you admire?
I saw Katie-Marie Cork’s the other day and thought they were fantastic. They’ve got a great shape and are quite full. It’s all about being in proportion with your body. I don’t think it matters about size – it’s all about shape.

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