BB's Sexiest: Imogen Thomas Naked!

Imogen Thomas Naked

- See our photoshoot of Imogen Thomas naked, above. Meanwhile, our BB babe judges explain how we arrived at our official top 10!

Brian Belo:
Loveable Essex geezer who won Big Brother 8.
Anthony Hutton: Cheeky Geordie and winner of BB6.
Liam McGough: Durham lad who walked off with £100k on BB8.
Maxwell Ward: London wideboy who hooked up with Saskia in BB6.
Ziggy Lichman: BB8’s big winner - he had a relationship with Chanelle.

10. Michelle Bass
BB5, 2004
BB Boy's Average Rating: 6

Brian says ‘I’ve met her once and she was dressed as a tarty secretary. She’s proper filth, isn’t she? She’d be diesel-grease dirty in the bedroom.’ 8/10

Anthony says ‘I prefer little cans like Posh Spice’s. But I definitely think she’d be dirty in bed because she’s from Newcastle!’ 6/10

Liam says
‘I met her one year queuing up to audition for Big Brother and she came on to me. She got really slender and had a boob job but she’s not my style.’ 4/10

Maxwell says ‘I love a Geordie girl. Being a Northener, she’s probably filthy in bed. She looks better from behind.’ 6/10

Ziggy says ‘She’s too mouthy and she’s got too much to say about other people. I wouldn’t really want to know what she was like in bed!’ 6/10

9. Jennie Corner
BB5, 2004
BB Boy's Average Rating: 6.6

Maxwell says ‘I do like Scousers, so I’ll mark her highly. And every time I’ve been to Liverpool, I’ve always got a good welcome!’ 9/10

Anthony says ‘The Scouse accent always sounds dirty on girls, so she’s alright by me!’ 7/10

Liam says ‘She’s got a fit body, but she’s too small for me. I’d end up killing her!’ 5/10

Brian says ‘She’s much more innocently sexy. I don’t think she’d be that dirty. I’ve never met her but she looks really sweet.’ 7/10

Ziggy says ‘I haven’t got a clue who she is. I don’t watch Big Brother and have never met her, so I’ll give her an even score.’ 5/10

8. Shell Jubin
BB5, 2004
BB Boy's Average Rating: 7.8

Brian says ‘I used to buy ZOO all the time when she was in it. She looks like a really hot secretary in an office. I love sophisticated girls like this. I reckon she’d bring some handcuff action!’ 9/10

Liam says ‘Fit as. Absolutely gorgeous and she looks like she’d be absolute filth. She ran around the BB house naked, so she must be up for a laugh!’ 9/10

Anthony says ‘Shell doesn’t really do it for me. I still would, though!' 6/10

Maxwell says ‘She grew on me because she grew her hair in front of her face, but apart from that didn’t really do anything for me.’ 7/10

Ziggy says ‘She’s pretty, does a lot of photoshoots and takes her top off. Sexy.’ 8/10

7. Amy Alexander
BB8, 2007
BB Boy's Average Rating: 7.9

Brian says ‘She’s one of my best mates and I’ve seen those massive boobs plenty of times. My mates and I have been watching The Jeremy Kyle Show and she’s walked into the room topless, rubbing moisturiser into them!’ 10/10

Liam says ‘I embarrassed myself in front of the nation with her and I still get abuse for it! But she’s nice and we’re friends. I think she’s quite hot and I reckon she’s a goer in bed. I don’t know that personally, though!’ 8/10

Anthony says 'I don’t particularly fancy her. She’s a decent-looking lass but I’m not really into big boobs and she’s got massive ones. She’s OK and looks like she’s up for a good time. Like the others, I think she’d be decent in the sack. 7/10

Maxwell says ‘She looks like she’d be absolutely filthy. She walked round with nothing on half the time she was in the house. Amy’s another one with massive boobs. Anything more than a handful is a waste.’ 6/10

Ziggy says ‘Body-wise, she’s got nice breasts. When she first came into the house I thought she was quite attractive and pretty. I reckon she’s quite good in bed.’ 8.5/10

8. Saskia Howard-Clarke
BB6, 2005
BB Boy's Average Rating: 8

Maxwell says ‘Ridiculously massive boobs. She’s taller lying down with them! They’re fantastic bags of fun but they make everything else look so small. It did me no favours! She is sexy, though, and believe me – she’s absolute filth.’ 8/10

Anthony says ‘She’s a lovely looking girl. I don’t really go for big boobs, but she’s got huge knockers. They’re bigger than her head!’ 8/10

Brian says ‘She’s got gigantic boobs, hasn’t she? I think she’s filthy in bed. She’s the sort of girl you’d be round the back of the bike sheds with at school.’ 7.5/10

Liam says ‘She is tidy and she’s got huge mambos, hasn’t she? I think she’d be average in the sack. Girls have got to have something about them to be really crazy in bed.’ 8/10

Ziggy says ‘She’s not really my type but she’s fanciable. I’m not into boobs so big that everyone else is always looking at them. I’m sure she’s quite good in bed.’ 8.5/10

5. Kate Lawler
BB3, 2002
BB Boy's Average Rating: 8

Brian says ‘I’ve always loved Kate – I used to have a poster of her on my wall. She’d be very adventurous. I reckon she could make your toes curl in bed!’ 10/10

Ziggy says ‘She’s a good DJ and that makes her sexy. She loves her house music, so I’d say she probably isn’t afraid to go for it in the bedroom!’ 8/10

Maxwell says ‘I reckon she’s good with her hands because of those DJing skills. She looks a bit filthy, so I reckon she could spin a few other things…’ 7.5/10

Liam says
‘She’s very friendly and very sexy. You’d never get her to bed because she’d want to be downstairs drinking beer with the lads and talking shit until the cows come home.’ 6/10

Anthony says ‘I think she’s really fit. For me, personally, she’s a geezer bird, so if you’re watching the football you wouldn’t be nagged at because she wants to watch Coronation Street. She’s really slim and is genuinely fit. She is sexy.’ 9/10

4. Orlaith Mc Allister
BB6, 2005
BB Boy's Average Rating: 8.2

Maxwell says ‘She’s foxy. If she’d been there from the start, it could have been me and her, not me and Saskia! She does have massive feet, though.’ 9/10

Anthony says ‘She’s got a fantastic body and her boobs are great. When she first walked into the house, I nearly had a heart attack! I think she’d be hot in the sack – she definitely likes getting her boobs out, anyway!’ 9/10

Brian says ‘She’s gorgeous! I love Orlaith. She’s got lovely skin. I’d drink her bath water! She’s very sexy. I think she’d be pretty dirty. I think she’d bring out all the oils, sexy lingerie and a red light in her bedroom. She’s got the best boobs on BB.’ 9/10

Liam says ‘She’s one of those bonnie lasses and I can see why people fancy her but she does nothing for me. I think she had her boobs out a lot on Big Brother so I think she’d be a bit of a naughty girl in the bedroom.’ 5/10

Ziggy says ‘She’s very hot. She’s got a good body and she’s got a sexy Irish accent. Irish girls are mostly up-for-a-laugh, down-to-earth, nice girls. I’m sure she’s probably quite good in the bedroom.’ 9/10

3. Aisleyne Horgan-Wallace
BB7, 2006
BB Boy's Average Rating: 8.3

Brian says ‘She’s got amazing boobs. And if she’s good enough for Mike Tyson, then she’s definitely good enough for me! Hopefully next time I run into her, she’ll get her boobs out for me!’ 9/10

Liam says ‘She’s a friend of mine, but I certainly wouldn’t say no – I reckon she’s a goer in the sack. I’ve seen her boobs plenty of times in ZOO, but not in real life, unfortunately!’ 7/10

Anthony says 'She’s fit. Her body’s unreal. I prefer dark-haired girls but she is really fit. I think she’d be good in the sack. Every one of the girls are confident and that means you’re good in the sack. I think she’d be decent. 9/10

Maxwell says ‘She’s got a lovely little body. She’s not my type because she’s taller than the girls I usually go for. She gives it the biggun’ but I reckon she calls it her flower and she likes it with the lights off.’ 7.5/10

Ziggy says ‘She’s sexy, yeah. She’s actually a friend of mine. She’s not what she portrays herself as. She’s a bad girl but she’s not that bad. She’s actually a nice girl. I personally haven’t seen her boobs – I choose to avoid those kind of after-parties.’ 9/10

2. Chanelle Hayes
BB8, 2007
BB Boy's Average Rating: 8.3

Liam says ‘A bit of a crazy cat. Mind you, we’ve all seen her go mental in the diary room, so I reckon she’s quite similar in the bedroom…’ 7/10

Ziggy says ‘Ooh, interesting! Well, she’s a pretty, attractive girl. Put it this way – she’s the kind of girl you can meet in your local club and have a good time with. She’s up for a bit of fun…’ 8/10

Maxwell says ‘I really fancy Chanelle, so I definitely would. But I think you’d have to do all the work in bed with her and I’m a lazy bastard, so it wouldn’t work out very well!’ 8/10

Brian says ‘I love Chanelle. All my friends fancy her. She’s extremely sexy. She’s one of those people who when you speak to her you get lost in her eyes. She’s got the best bum going. You don’t see Chanelle naked but maybe it leaves more to the imagination. I reckon she’d give a good lap dance.’ 10/10

Anthony says ‘I think she’s a really good-looking girl. I’ve met her and she’s a nice lass. I think she’d be good in bed and even if she wasn’t I’m sure she could be converted!’ 9/10

1. Imogen Thomas
BB7, 2006
BB Boys' Average Rating: 8.8

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Imogen Thomas

Imogen Thomas

BB8's Brian Belo says 'She’s lovely. She looks like the girl-next-door but she really isn’t – she’s a dark horse sexually. She came out with me in Essex once and all my mates tried it on with her. None of them got anywhere, though!' 10/10

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