Jodie Marsh Gets Naked!

Jodie-MarshMost of us know a woman who likes to tell the world how dirty she is in the sack.

You know the type – that girl who makes a song and dance about how many guys she’s had sex with and how adventurous she is.

Sadly, most of the time, these girls are a massive letdown. It seems the ladies who need to yell about their filthiness often aren’t that dirty at all.

This, however, is certainly not the case with Jodie Marsh. Equipped with the 32GG mega-boobs ZOO paid for last year, the glamour legend is still more than happy to
tell us all about her incredibly kinky sex life.

The difference with Jodie is that we know she really is as filthy as she says. After all, she’s taken great enjoyment in going completely starkers for all of you…

Welcome back to ZOO, Jodie! What made you want to strip for us again?
I just love getting naked and feeling sexy. I’m proud that I’m 30 and my body’s in better shape than it’s ever been, so I want to show it off. And I feel like I’ve grown up since my last ZOO shoot. I’m not a silly little girl any more – I feel like a proper woman. I’m not scared of anything now…

How do you mean?
I’m a lot more rock’n’roll with my tattoos and motorbike and I don’t take shit off anyone. That means in the bedroom, too! Blokes have always said I’m amazing in bed, but now I’m triple amazing! It’s true what they say about the 'dirty thirties'.

I’ve got no inhibitions and it’s like there’s some inner fury that’s been unleashed. I know that no man can get better than me in the bedroom. I just can’t get enough sex!

How many times a night do you need to be satisfied?

At least three times a night. The other weekend, I had it about eight times in one day – it got to the point where I hurt myself! I just want to try and do everything. Straight sex is never enough.

- Now check out the rest of Jodie's interview and her starkers photoshoot!

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Jodie Marsh

Jodie Marsh
Sex in public? Like where?
Put it this way, I’d never touch a fella’s hands if he’s on a night out with me, because you never know where they’ve been! I was at a restaurant [Dans Le Noir, in Clerkenwell, London] with this guy the other night where you eat in complete darkness – the experience is supposed to show you what it’s like to be blind. But we used it as an excuse to do naughty things. He was under the table at one point and my knickers were round my ankles! After, we realised they had infrared CCTV cameras. When we left, the staff were all laughing at us. None of them could keep a straight face. They must have seen everything!

Who are your celebrity mates these days?
They’re the kind of people you probably wouldn’t expect. Really cool, wicked people like Syd Little from Little And Large. He’s like my second dad. And I’m still really good friends with Linsey Dawn McKenzie. She’s probably the only glamour model I’m mates with.

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