June's Real Girls: Week Three!

Behind Closed DoorsJune's hunt for a Real Girl to have her own Behind Closed Doors photo shoot in ZOO hots up!

The awesome Astrid Roberts won last week, but her score wasn't enough to catch June's leader so far, Jade Molesworth.

Now another perfect 10 girls want you to rate them higher than 8.8 - the score to beat if they're to appear in their favourite mag!

June's weekly winners so far...

AstridAstrid Roberts, 23, promotions girl, Cardiff
Vote for me: 'I’ll cheer you all up by getting my kit off!'
Your rating: 7.9
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Jade Molesworth

Jade Molesworth, 22, air hostess, Birmingham
Vote for me: 'I’d love to do a shoot for ZOO – I’ve got what it takes.'
Your rating: 8.8
- See Jade's winning picture

Ahoy, hotties!
Babes of Blighty, your nation needs you. Naked, if possible. Star on our mag and web pages by sending in your sexiest snaps and details to

WARNING: Repeated voting can be detected and will be discounted. Influencing others to give some girls deliberately low ratings is not allowed. Also, abusive comments will not be tolerated and offending profiles will be deleted.

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Michelle Smith

Michelle Smith, 20, waitress, Chingford
Vote for me: 'I'm the real deal.'

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