Madison And Kelly Get Naked!

MadisonOur bare Brummie babe on being in the buff! Madison says:

The best thing about doing a naked shoot with Kelly is…
We’re comfortable being naked together! Plus, she’s really cute.

The thing I like most about Kelly’s naked body is…
I love her face best. She’s the ultimate brunette – striking eyes, sexy and
her boobs are so impressive! They’re dead big and bouncy!

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KellyOur stripped Scouser on naughty nudity! Kelly sats:

The best thing about doing a naked shoot with Madison is…
That I’m doing a shoot with my ultimate fantasy woman! I know a lot of guys would envy me being naked with such a gorgeous girl. I’ve got a serious girl crush on her!

The thing I like most about Madison’s naked body is…
Her lovely boobs and all-round perfect body. Oh, and I love her belly piercings – they’re so sexy!

The person I’d most like to be naked with is…
Carmen Electra. I had to decide between Pamela Anderson and Carmen – they’re both so gorgeous but I think Carmen’s more natural, so that makes her a lot sexier to me!

The weirdest place I’ve been naked is…
On holiday, when my girlfriends and I streaked by the pool. We were playing drinking games and I suggested we all jump into the pool completely naked. Then we got caught by the security guards. They didn’t know where to look!

The strangest person I’ve seen naked is…
Some of the ladies they use in granny porn. I went to a sixth form college where there were loads of boys, and when I went to use the internet one day, someone had left that on the screen. It was disgusting!

The best thing about being naked is…
The freedom of not having to wear a bra or knickers. I love going bra-less – bras restrict my breathing because my boobs are so big! I’m worried about how big they’re going to get. Every time I get them measured, they’ve gone up two cup sizes!

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Kelly Andrews

Kelly says:

I’ve driven naked…
On a road trip with my girlfriends. We were driving along in an open-top car and a coach-load of people drove passed. We all stripped off, flashed at them and gave them an eyeful!

The strangest person I’ve fantasised about naked is…
Simon Cowell. I know, it’s strange! I had such a weird crush on him for a while. I think the whole power thing gets me going.

My favourite place to get naked is…
Jogging down the beach then jumping in the sea.

PUB FACT: Kelly Andrews likes flashing people when she’s drunk on holiday.

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