March Winner: Magic Sex-Ray Video!

KeeleyAllow us to present 21-year-old Bedfordshire babe Keeley Courtenay - or kinky Keeley as she's been re-named!

You voted the busty 32D brunette as last month's top Real Girl. Now read all - and we mean all - about her...

Keeley, we reckon you're a saucy little minx!
I'm just an outgoing, bubbly person. I like nights on the town and dancing. If I could go out wearing my bikini, I would! I love getting naked. It's liberating. I've hardly ever got clothes on when I'm at home.

How does it feel to be the month's hottest Real Girl?
Amazing! I entered for fun and never dreamed I'd win. I was up against so many fitties! I'm very grateful to everyone who voted for me.

What do you think it is about you that attracted our readers?
Guys often comment on my long legs. I'm 5ft 10in, which sets me apart from most other girls.

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As a special treat, we have found a way to let you see girls using our Sex-Ray Specs, on video. Move the Sex-Ray Specs icon around the page to see under Keeley's clothes. Handy, eh?

PUB FACT: Keeley Courtenay says, 'I love sending saucy photos. It's a modern form of foreplay'.

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Keeley Courtenay

Does having long legs mean you're bendy in the bedroom?
Yeah! Variety is important. I'm always trying to come up with new positions and I've got an insanely high sex drive. There's nothing I'd rather do to pass the time!

What turns you on in bed?
I love to whip out the sexy undies. Naughty films are great to have on in the background, too. And there's nothing sexier then being taken from behind, especially if handcuffs are involved! And I've got a thing about my neck being kissed. Breathing on it sets my skin on fire! Sounds dangerous!

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